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자동문 안전 가이드라인

Safety Guideline

The Japan Automatic Door Association (JADA) published the Safety Guideline for Automatic Door to raise the awareness of safety when using automatic doors.
Although automatic doors are carefully designed to ensure safety, risks still remain from the stage of installation to daily use. Therefore the understanding and
cooperation by the relevant players such as owners, architects, and etc is essential to provide a safe and easy access to everyone.

Opening & closing speed & open timer

descripion for Opening & closing speed & open timer
Office buildings etc Hospitals / Public facilities etc
Opening speed 500 mm or less / second 400 mm or less / second
Closing speed 350 mm or less / second 250 mm or less / second
Open timer 1-5 seconds As long as possible

※ Buildings where many of the elderly. parents with children, and people with wheelchair use.

Automatic door sticker

  • Japanese version sticker

    Japanese version

  • English version sticker

    English version

  • Chinese version sticker

    Chinese version